Eric J Lullove DPM PA

New Amniotic Tissue

Dr. Lullove, in an effort to bring new technologies to the Boca Raton community for wound healing, has partnered with Osiris Therapeutics and Skye Biologics to bring you two new human amniotic tissues for wound healing and orthopedic injuries.

Grafix Prime and Grafix Core, from Osiris Biotherapeutics, is a cryo-preserved human amniotic allograft tissue to help patients with chronic non-healing wounds who have failed conservative therapy.

PX50, from Skye Biolgics, is an injectable human amniotic tissue allograft used for tendon, ligaments, joint and soft tissue injuries to help heal from those sports or traumatic injuries faster.  Through the use of ultrasound-guided technique, Dr. Lullove is able to place the allograft directly into the injured area to allow for quicker return to activities without the long-term need for surgery and/or extended physical therapy.

Please contact the office at 561-989-9780 to speak with Dr. Lullove regarding these new technologies.