Eric J Lullove DPM PA

Advanced Wound Care

We know that having an open wound due to diabetes, injury or trauma, or from venous disease from swelling can be problematic. Dr. Lullove, a national expert in Wound Care Management, can help you get past the pitfalls of the wound or ulcer from not healing correctly. In addition, Dr. Lullove is actively engaged in cutting-edge research to help patients heal wounds quicker without the need for advanced surgery.

Dr. Lullove uses state-of-the-art wound care techniques, diagnostics, and treatment protocols tailored to your specific medical problems to optimize the wound environment to heal. Some of the newer techniques Dr. Lullove utilizes are:

a) Negative Pressure Wound Therapy

b) Advanced Collagen treatment regimens with Antibacterial Dressings

c) Epidermal and Dermal Skin Grafting

d) Amniotic Tissue skin substitute allografts

e) Compression Bandaging for venous leg ulcerations

f) Total Contact Casting to offload diabetic foot ulcers

In order for your wound to heal, you need a physician wound care expert who can work with your physiology, metabolics and needs in a private office atmosphere. Dr. Lullove utilizes at his disposal all available laboratory and microbiology studies to help identify the reasons for your wound to not heal.

Additionally, Dr. Lullove uses the VASAMED SenSiLase Vascular Assessment Doppler (PAD-IQ) device to pinpoint any specific bloodflow problems to the wound area.

For a chronic non-healing wound or that new wound, come to the West Boca Center for Wound Healing.

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