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AIRfeet® Therapeutic Insoles

AIRfeet insoles provide comfort and relief for many painful foot conditions.  It’s an innovative type of shoe insert designed to provide arch support and cushioning to the foot. They feature a unique combination of cushioning foam, air, and memory foam to provide a comfortable and supportive fit. The foam and air combination helps to absorb shock and reduce pressure points, while the memory foam molds to the shape of the foot for a personalized fit. The insoles also feature an anatomical design for added support and comfort, and are made from breathable materials that keep the foot cool and dry. AIRfeet insoles are a great choice for those looking for extra cushioning and arch support in their shoes.


Available in several designs; Relief, Classic, ETS – Enhanced Toe Stimulation and fashion, AIRfeet help individuals that suffer with flat feet, neuropathy, plantar fasciitis, foot, knee and back pain, Tibial shock, hot feet, poor circulation and leg fatigue.




For patients suffering with Neuropathy, the multi-patented AIRfeet® Therapeutic Insoles provide natural circulation by stimulating the muscles under the foot. Circulation is such a critical component of the healing process, and this life-enhancing result can be achieved in a few short days.AIRfeet was named the #1 Gold Training Aid Company and also received two PGA Best of Show Recognitions.  They are also now supporting the United States Army and Air Force in over 160 locations globally.  The TACTICAL 02 was designed specifically for the armed forces and provided them with Featherweight Dynamic AIR technology.  The OUTDOOR 2 which is available to civilians, is the TACTICAL 02’s cousin.  AIRfeet is the first-ever insole to receive multiple editorial publications in Diabetes Health Magazine.In a recent Ohio State University clinical study for tibial shock using AIRfeet insoles, researchers found a >23% reduction in athletic shoes and a >18% reduction in work boots.  AIRfeet insoles are the only insole to be published in Applied Ergonomics for dynamic versus static insoles. 


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