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Symphony Bio Scaffold

Dr. Eric Lullove, is proud to offer patients a revolutionary treatment for diabetic wounds called SymphonyTM Proliferative Bioscaffold.  SymphonyTM is a single-use wound dressing that covers, protects and provides a moist wound environment.SymphonyTM  helps diabetic patients with open sores on their feet and legs. It is like a skin substitute, created from biocompatible synthetic polymer that assists the body in healing. Symphony’s advanced design mimics the natural structure of the skin and helps to accelerate the healing process.The process starts with an in-office evaluation and consultation with Dr. Lullove. After identifying the wound area, the surgeon will clean and prepare the wound. The Symphony bio-scaffold will then be applied to the wound and secured in place. After the bio-scaffold is secured, the wound will be covered with a bandage or dressing to protect the area.The healing process with SymphonyTM is typically much faster than traditional treatments. In some cases, the wound is completely healed in as little as three weeks! During this time, patients will need to follow up with Dr. Lullove for regular evaluations and dressing changes.SymphonyTM Proliferative Bioscaffold by AROA BIOSURGERY gives patients suffering with open wounds a more effective solution.  If you are interested in learning more, please contact our office today and schedule a consultation with Dr. Lullove.

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