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Ankle Sprains

Treatment for Ankle Injuries in Coconut Creek, FL

Ankle Sprain

Ankle sprains usually occur after the ankle has been twisted in the wrong direction, or after an excessive amount of force has been placed on the ankle bones. Ankle sprains usually result in symptoms such as swelling, bruising, and pain in the injured area. The amount of damage that occurs to the ankle and the recovery time usually depends on how severe the sprain is.

A few common types of treatment for sprained ankles include:

  • Elevation of the injured ankle and application of ice, helping to keep the swelling down
  • Compressive bandages
  • The use of devices such as crutches or splints
  • Physical therapy
  • Surgery for more serious ankle injuries

Want to know how you can better avoid ankle sprains? Make sure to stretch and exercise on a regular basis to keep you ankles strong and flexible. Furthermore, wearing shoes that fit you properly can help you maintain better balance and avoid injury.

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