Eric J Lullove DPM PA
  • Venous Leg Ulcer Study

    Venous Leg Ulcer – Clinical Trial Study Now Available!


    For those patients with a leg ulcer, Dr. Lullove is now participating in ground-breaking clinical trial work.  The requirements are:

    a) You have a non-healing lower leg ulceration (wound)

    b) You can commit to seeing Dr. Lullove for 6 weeks

    c) You will receive standard of care treatments with the possibility of receiving a human placental bioengineered tissue if randomized.  (If you are selected for standard of care treatments, you will qualify for the tissue at the completion of study time period)

    d) You want your wound to heal!

    Call Dr. Lullove’s office to schedule an appointment and evaluation!  If you are not covered with insurance, all study materials are provided at no cost!  Don’t delay your healing!!!